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PASVE® BA ball-type mounting and service valve

PASVE® BA is a ball-type mounting and service valve for Satron VL- and VDtL - pressure and differential pressure transmitters and also for Satron HPS hydraulic pressure seals. It makes it simple to disconnect the transmitter from the process for checking, changing the transmitter, flushing and calibration without stopping the process. PASVE® BA is available in a manually operated type or equipped with a pneumatic actuator.

Transmitter connection
M45x2 female thread, suitable for SATRON VL- and VDtL- transmitters.

Max. operating pressure/temperature pressure
40bar, temperature 250°C,
Min. operating temp. -50°C

Wetted parts: AISI316L, AISI 904L, Duplex, Hastelloy C 276, Titanium, 254 SMO, Seals PTFE or PTFE with carbon and graphite filling.

PASVE BAC 4.3kg, PASVE BAP 4.2kg,
PASVE BAF 8.4kg, Actuator 5.5kg